Moving at the Speed of Media

Media Library System

MLS has rich asset management functionality so you can archive, locate and track your media assets - quickly and easily. The application is fully customizable and can work for your organization - no matter how specific your needs are. And now browse, log, manage and repurpose your digital assets with MLS. Utilize the powerful capabilities of MLS for all of your assets.

MLS is designed to be flexible so it can work as a stand-alone application and integrate seamlessly with add-on applications.


  •   Customized System
    • Define a system to meet your unique workflow; use your own metadata to categorize assets
    • Easily export data to other systems and formats (e.g. Excel, XML, HTML)
    • Import data from other production systems

  •   Intelligent Tracking
    • Scan assets in and out using barcode technology and mobile devices
    • FIND the asset you need, or the shot you need
    • Maintain extensive history of asset activity
    • Locate and look up metadata by scanning media assets
    • Browse and log low res video; track multiple digital formats

  •   Powerful Search Engine
    • Use keyword, multi-keyword, wildcard and other search options
    • Search results displayed on interactive summary screen; refine your search from here to locate the exact shot you want. Export results to play lists or EDL.
  •   Flexible Reporting Tools
    • Define EDL and pull lists using system query capability and interactive summary screen
    • Generate Overdue, Audit, History, Inventory and other reports
    • Send reports via email